The Cover Story

So the meta tags have been decided upon (for what good that will do). On to the final major piece of work: the cover. Now, one can just send his or her writing to IUniverse and put the issue of the cover totally in their hands. Or, you can make some vague suggestions as to what might be appropriate, or even send them some of your out-of-focus photos. Or: you can do it yourself.

You know me. I’ve seen some of their covers and wasn’t exactly overly impressed. My baby has to shine, right? And I do fancy myself an artist during small moments of self-aggrandizement. So off I go. And right into a brick wall.

I wrestled around with variations on European maps and slanty fonts that would suggest speed. I went through my font folder searching for snappy-looking fonts. I tried some of my own photos, even though one was the dreaded 72 dpi (meaning it would look fuzzy or pixilated). I was really frustrated.

And then my sister sent me a link to, of all things, the online “Huffington Post” where the big piece was on the best book covers of 2010. Really! But the cool part was that each of the 25 covers was accompanied by commentary by the artist. Note: artist. Now that was a breakthrough. These covers weren’t just advertisements for the books, they were art pieces.

I read every single one and came out the other side with a totally different mindset. Quit being so darned literal! my mind said. And just like that, it slipped out, easy as pie. There was and is still some dickering between Nancy and me as to fonts, but the idea was there. And I like it:

The parasol is the one I hauled with me from Greece onward, and man, I was glad to have it, especially in Egypt. And the lace-trimmed undergarment came long ago from my great-aunt’s attic. Lace, get it? According to my mom, that’s all they did on their trip: buy lace. So this was an easy choice. Two trips, two symbols. And, graphically speaking, I’m glad my parasol was the green one instead of the yellow or pink one. Pink fonts? Ick.



About Holly J. Pierce

You thought vacationing with small children was hard? Try traveling with your two daughters in their 20's, yet be glad that you have your peace-mongering husband along. Put it all together with your own laser vision of an epic journey and you have the basis for my book. Will I ever see it published? Will those self-published volumes ever move out of the garage? We'll see, won't we.
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