Cry Mightily Unto God

So, how goes the book? It doesn’t go. Instead, I am totally embroiled in this wedding thing, still trying to pull everything together for the big day. And speaking of big, Richard spotted this billboard over on the other side of the freeway:

In case you haven’t used your Sharpie to mark this date on your calendar in big, black letters, it is alleged to be the Day of the Rapture, when those prechosen few are swept up into heaven, leaving the rest of us sinners to stew in our own juices. And guess what? It’s also Katie’s wedding day! What a happy thought. But as I’ve mentioned before, I guess it also means we can cut back on the hors d’oeuvres.

But at least we have the hors d’oeuvres ordered! Katie is due over here in less than an hour so we can go on eBay to buy her a veil. Man, buying one in a bridal shop is such a rip-off. $200+ for some net on a comb? Forget it; on eBay they’re just as beautiful and a fraction of the cost. Note to future MOBs: use every cut-rate angle you can figure. Why, only yesterday I went to BevMo! and picked up the wine, as it was their buy one bottle, get one for five cents sale. As I was not willing to stoop so low as to go the Two Buck Chuck route, this was a pretty good deal.

And do you remember how Katie initially wanted a beach wedding? and how we lost our $500 deposit when we realized it was just going to be too risky? At least at the Kenwood church, if it rains, we can all party on in the sanctuary. At the moment, I can hardly wait to show her this YouTube video that was featured on the front page of the Press Democrat, our local paper:

So after their rain-soaked “special day,” this couple was getting pictures taken at Schoolhouse Beach, near Doran Beach, where Katie’s ceremony would have been held.  And you wonder why we forfeited the $500? Just check it out and see.


About Holly J. Pierce

You thought vacationing with small children was hard? Try traveling with your two daughters in their 20's, yet be glad that you have your peace-mongering husband along. Put it all together with your own laser vision of an epic journey and you have the basis for my book. Will I ever see it published? Will those self-published volumes ever move out of the garage? We'll see, won't we.
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